Welcome to my slice of cyberspace, I hope you enjoy your visit here. There are plenty of things I want to share, and with this new website, I'm delighted I can now share them in a way that is independent and more personal that what was possible with the business website.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is playing a role in assisting people achieve their true potential. The mentors, role models and influences that have helped shape me have very much enhanced my life, and I believe with my experience and success in life, I have something of value to pass on.  

an assortment of things that are important to me and that I believe are worth sharing, and as new things are added, who knows what you might find here.

For starters though, I'd like to highlight the work of the Redcliffe Hospital Foundation, and a big project I am undertaking to raise funds for the Foundation -visit the Charity page of this website for more information about how crazy I can be! 

You'll always find golf on this site, as it's a major addiction! See 'Highlights' for one of the best days of my life that was like dying and going to heaven...in shark-infested territory... 

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There are many other passions I have, so beyond sharing my philosophy of success, and some  inspiring quotes,  this site contains

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